What is LegalQuest

LegalQuest is an initiative in online legal education, India’s first live online legal education system. An online legal education platform, LegalQuest is focused towards creating access to justice in India.

LegalQuest was launched as there is a strong need to create resources for students to learn legal education anytime with live learning classes.

LegalQuest make high quality live legal training easily accessible for all across India, directly impacting the quality of legal service and legal expertise available to the common citizens of the country.

What We Teach

What We Teach

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About Us

About Us

Legal quest works on an access to teach from being a law student to a lawyer, judicial officer, government officer.we are with you at every stage of your goal.

Our teachers provide individual lectures for the students .there is no recorded video lectures for our students. The lecture would be one to one. Apart from giving lectures we have doubt sessions as well and the doubt sessions will be taken in the same class itself. the lectures will be provided with the help of 3rd party applications/software. We are available for our client 24*7 with the help of technology .we also provide one free trial class to our students. An online platform which gives solution to you all the problems for your legal education. We focus on both the things practical as well as theoretical knowledge

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Jobs Portal

Jobs Portal

We also provide internship and job opportunity to our students as well as a platform to show there talent by participating in various of quiz and sharing there ideas and opinions by submitting there articles. We appreciate your response towards us.